Book touring and performing…

Yesterday I played the second of two concerts of Mwandishi band music over the past week. They were both tremendously fun. Each included bassist Christopher Dean Sullivan and drummer Tani Tabbal, yesterday supplemented by trumpeter Eddie Allen. You can hear the entirety of yesterday’s concert and part of last week’s on my Sound Cloud page. The music included most of the first two Mwandishi recordings “Mwandishi” and “Crossings.” I look forward to adding music from “Sextant” in the future.

Performing has been an important aspect of my process of understanding and appreciating the music. I’ve been exploring it in varied ways for about five years, as a soloist (with much electronics), with a piano trio, and now quartet. I highly recommend that writer/musicians play as much of the music they write about as possible. It offers a unique “insider” perspective on the music.

Yesterday’s event, in Woodstock, New York, was the second to combine a talk and a performance. The next one up, on Friday November 2, will be at 92Y Tribeca in New York City. If you live in the New York Metropolitan area, consider coming! Next up is in Seattle (Elliot Bay Books, December 13), and Los Angeles (Book Soup, December 14). Tell your west coast friends!

Reviews to date have included Down Beat, the (London) Times Literary Supplement, New York City Jazz Record, and a few others. A review in The Wire (UK) should be coming momentarily. The reviews have been quite wonderful. More about them in a future post.

~ by bobgluck on October 29, 2012.

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