I am a musician, educator, and writer. I am in the process of writing a new book, “You’ll Know When You Get There: Herbie Hancock and the Mwandishi Band” (University of Chicago Press). My own music crosses perceived boundaries between jazz and electroacoustic music. Sound familiar? Here’s my web page. Here’s a page that includes materials relating directly to this book.

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  1. hi, bob. stumbled on your blog a few months back. I got into Herbie after seeing ‘Headhunters’, at Fisk University in Nashville; we stood right behind Isaac Hayes (in chains)! I bought all the Mwandishi records, and the Warner’s compilation of their music still gets regular rotation in my house today. It is his finest musical hour/achievement. Thanks for your posts, and I agree with everything you wrote most recently-Herbie and Miles changed my mind with regard to music growing up (I started listening to them when I was 17-had a hip jazz piano playing roomate in college-one of the luckiest things ever to happen to me)

  2. Thanks, Chuck. I really like the image you lay out about the Fisk show. I didn’t see the Head Hunters band until the 1976 Herbie retrospective concert in NYC, but the album was what led me to the Mwandishi recordings. How lucky were we to grow up during that time!

  3. Last post: I saw Miles and Herbie (Headhunters) together in St. Louis’s ancient Kiel Auditorium in March,’75. (Miles mentions this show in his autobio) He played first (and blew everyone away, including me and my friends)..Herbie came out second and at the outset, gave this extemporaneous talk about the significance and power of Miles Davis in 20th C music, for like 4-5 minutes….thinking back on this reminds me of that tribute to Herbie on that solo record ‘Zawinul’ (also featured in
    Weather Report’s ‘Live in Tokyo’): Dr. Honoris Causa, or as Cannonball put it, ‘Doctor of an honourable cause’…….Herbie as educator….

  4. Hi Bob. I’ve been searching for my good friend Chloe ‘Onari’ Smith for several years. I lost touch with her when I moved back to the states in 1994. I kept missing her when she had the jazz program at the University. I’ve contacted other people who I found on the web that were involved in projects with her, but no one ever got back in touch with me. I found your article with John Mars that mentioned her and I hope you can help me. Thanks so much. Jacqui

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