“The Musical World of Paul Winter” newly released ebook

My blog posts over the past year have focused on a book project (current working title: “The music of human improvisors among all living things”). Part of that text addressed the work of saxophonist Paul Winter, particularly relating to his engagement with endangered species and natural environments. Several months ago, I decided to separate this project into two distinct books, one dealing with improvisation from two perspectives: embodiment and metaphor, and situating human music as one example among living species. That work remains in process. The other book became devoted exclusively to Paul Winter.

I am pleased now to announce the release of the Paul Winter book. It is available exclusively in ebook formats. Press releases and announcements from the publisher, Intelligent Arts, are going out today. Here’s a taste. And you can access links to the book here: https://intelligentarts.net/paulwinter/


“The Musical World of Paul Winter”

will be of great interest to music lovers and people who appreciate the songs of whales and howls of wolves, lovers of the outdoors, jazz aficionados, and everyone who cares about the future of the planet.


Bob Gluck, pianist, composer, writer, traces Paul Winter’s early career as a jazz musician, his discovery of Brazilian music, his concept of a musical “Consort,” and his engagement with whales and wolves as endangered species. He explores Winter’s ancestral roots in musical spectacle and the evolution of the Winter Solstice Celebration in the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City.


This book blends academic scholarship, musical reflection, and captivating narrative. In Gluck’s words, Paul Winter addresses issues about endangered species and environments from a place of love and empathy and his music is aesthetically beautiful and enchanting.


Accessible to all readers, “The Musical World of Paul Winter” is available as an ebook from Apple Books, Amazon’s Kindle, and Barnes and Noble’s Nook ($7.99). More information about the book, including a sample of the music, can be found at:



Bob Gluck is the author of two books about the experimental periods of Herbie Hancock and Miles Davis, both published by the University of Chicago Press.


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