Progressing nicely

Making great progress on the book. The second, third, and fourth chapters, largely a narrative telling of the basic story of the band are nearly done in draft form. There’s some fact checking, reference searching and so on to go, but its moving. I hadn’t realized how challenging it is to craft a linear narrative when there is not a tremendous amount of documentation. Its meant searching through old magazines and newspapers, asking people to look into their memories, check liner notes … and put it all together in a coherent fashion. Musical detective work. Next I move onto the parts that really interest me the most, which is the main body of the book, where thematic threads explore core elements in the music, and along the way tracking how Herbie and fellow musicians developed their materials and approaches before joining the band – and then as they evolved together along the way. I have much material for these next sections in first draft, accompanied by endless reams of charts I’ve drawn tracking performances of tunes, minute by minute. Those need careful looking and listening. I know, it sounds a bit extreme, but its the evidence that allows one to make broader statements that have truth value.

~ by bobgluck on July 16, 2010.

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  1. you are really doing incredible work here, and i don’t think I am biased.

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