Lovely chats along the way, and always looking for more

Along with working on the actual writing, what has been equally interesting for me is the ongoing conversations with people associated with the band. These are some of the loveliest, interesting, and critically thinking people one could ever meet. Small wonder, granted what their music sounds like, together and on their own. There are some places where I need more information, but at this point, its mostly checking in with people, getting to know them better, and this has been just a pleasure. I feel very fortunate.

I have also been hearing from people who attended various shows or have personal anecdotes. If you have thoughts in any of these directions, absolutely let me know. Useful gaps have been filled in this way, and also it provides a way for me to place this music in the context of the lives of its listeners and fellow travelers. Best bet is to contact me via email:

~ by bobgluck on July 16, 2010.

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