With a reasonable amount of the work on my first draft done (although there is of course more to write), the interesting challenge now is how to create the structure I really want to follow for the final text. Draft one was very linear. The band was, in fact, quite non-linear, with the music tied together often through organized meeting points and thematic encounters, but free to flow in all sorts of directions suggested by the chemistry of the moment. This is what I have in mind for the structure of the book, as well. So, I’m working on the nature of the thematic webs to serve as points of attraction and gravity. Seems fitting, no?

Might the title for this blog entry have something to do with Herbie’s current musical project? Well, of course. The 70th birthday show at Carnegie Hall, where some of his latest work was unveiled, was quite fun and I’m looking forward to hearing the new recording, which should be out any minute. The opening set for the show was a retrospective featuring long time associates. Herbie looked very happy all evening – hey, it was his birthday celebration and a chance to play with friends old and new!

~ by bobgluck on June 26, 2010.

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