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Hello, everyone. My goal for this blog is primarily to reflect on topics related to the book I am writing. The title is “You’ll Know When You Get There: Herbie Hancock and the Mwandishi Band.” The publisher will be University of Chicago Press. I am most of the way through the first draft. Having written mostly about the band and its music, I’m now thinking and writing about the early development of Hancock’s approach to the piano. My main work for the coming months will be to reorganize everything and write a version of the book that will be fun and engaging for a wider audience. I welcome your comments as the project progresses.

You can find a preliminary website about this writing project at

If you have memories, experiences, or thoughts about Herbie Hancock’s Mwandishi band, I welcome them! Feel free to write.

~ by bobgluck on April 30, 2010.

2 Responses to “Beginning a new blog…”

  1. I feel that a book on this era would benefit from the inclusion
    of something about the Mwandishi era Eddie Henderson records that used Herbie or other large portions of the group. Realization, Inside Out, Sunburst and even stuff as late as Mahal (with a great ‘butterfly’ w/ herb) are part of my personal conception of the Mwandishi sound. Or are they Mwandishi/Headhunter…. good luck bro!

    • You raise a useful issue and I appreciate your comments.

      I do think of Realization and Inside Out as part of the larger package. Realization is closely connected to Sextant; in fact, two of its tunes are related to Hornets, and it was recorded during the same late period. Inside Out was recorded the year after the band broke up and is a little different, but is certainly a reflection of the band, particularly of it playing live. Its quite something that they could so easily get right back into it. I am certainly including some discussion of those two recordings of Eddie’s (Sunburst is more Eddie than Mwandishi, but I’d be interested in hearing your opinion of that). I’ve always thought of these as integral to the Mwandishi band, in part because I think they reflect the band nicely and also because so little of the band’s music was released, and very, very little that comes as close as these to the band’s live sound.

      The big dilemma in deciding what to include and how much to discuss about any particular topic is space – word count – how to focus tightly enough, while also being inclusive. I haven’t decided how much space the Norman Connors recordings get (so far just a mention) or Miles’ On the Corner (a little more, but not too much; I don’t think that we learn enough about Herbie and the band’s evolution to warrant more than a little discussion). I do spend a fair bit of time talking about the various projects of Herbie’s that point to the evolution of his approach to the electric piano, use of electronics, and to sound in general. btw, Eddie speaks of Herbie and the band as having shown much generosity in supporting his first two recordings as a leader for little in return.

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